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This increases the padding between the tab text and the edges of tab to 12px. It also darkens the text of the currently selected tab. /* ----- unselected tab padding ----- */ #CommunityTabs ul li a{ padding-left:12px; padding-right:12px; } /* ----- selected ...
Here's how to hide these fields from users. I particularly like to hide the select library option because 99 times our of 100, the user is going to enter through the library they want to post just simplifies things. /*-------------------- HIDE OPTIONAL ...
For most of us, we have a single sign-on (SSO) solution in place to enable our visitors/members to access pages and functionality across all of our various applications (content management, connected community, ams e-commerce , etc...). Cookies are the glue that hold ...
To adjust the size of the Announcement titles, use this rule in your CSS and adjust the px size to your liking. .HLAnnouncements .Content h3 { font-size : 26px !important ; } #CSS
Event hosted annual in Washington, DC for associations and technology vendors. The event occurs at around Dec 10th each year.


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Stands for Blackberry aka PDA aka Legacy. This is a Discussion subscription option. #Being Considered
You can easily adjust the display size of blog posts on the View Blogs and Blog Viewer pages using the following rule in your theme's custom CSS. Just replace the '14' with whatever size you want. .blogComments{ font-size:14px; } #CSS
The chance occurrence of a burst of luck that brings you joy. Situation: You have not prepared for the meeting and you receive an email saying that the meeting is postponed. You have encountered a blurst. Did you experience a blurst? Tell us! #Being Considere ...
Target the the HLLandingControl title text with the CSS rule below. Change px size and add other styles as you like. .HLLandingControl h2 { font-size : 20px ; } #CSS
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Internet-based computing where shared services are delivered on-demand rather than residing on a owned server or a mainframe.