Partner Program

Higher Logic Partner Program

We know we can't do it all, and depend on partners to give our subscribers the best solution for their varied needs. Thus we have expanded our Partner Program with categories and benefits to fit how partners work with Higher Logic and our subscribers.  To that end we have created the following partner categories.

  • Complimentary - Often described as the “referral” or alliance model, a partner we have a defined business relationship with but do not represent the solution.
  • Technology - A core technology relationship generally marked by a development agreement and usually are embedded tools.
  • Strategic - A key partner in which we share a unified go-to-market that covers multiple areas from product to selling.
  • Solution - A partner who provides a solution which compliments our offering and is generally provided on our paper, meaning Higher Logic represents the solution.
  • Services - A service provider who can compliment the development and/or implementation of our solutions and we have a defined working relationship.

The first two categories, Complimentary and Technology, are open, whereas the last three, Strategic, Solution, and Services, partners will be added as needed.  All partners will need to have a signed agreement with Higher Logic, and some partners may have multiple agreements with Higher Logic, depending on their offerings and how they work with Higher Logic.  A summary of some key benefits is below:

Benefits Complimentary Technology Strategic Solution Service Non-Partner
Availability Yes Yes As Needed As Needed As Needed No
Standard Agreement Yes Yes     Yes No
Sold by Higher Logic       Yes Yes No
Listing in Partner Directory Yes Yes Yes Yes   No
Marketing Efforts Yes Yes Yes Yes   No
Logo Use Yes Yes Yes Yes   No
Super Forum Sponsorship Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Demo/Dev Environment   Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Technical Support   Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Validated Integration   Yes Yes Yes   No
HUG Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
KB Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Partner Portal Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Partner Summit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Annual Fee   $3k/yr       No

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