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Communications: Learning Community  

This community is designed for anyone that is using Communications Enterprise or Communications Professional for email marketing or marketing automation. It is a place to communicate with other learners, ask questions, and share best practices.

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Community Management  

A place to share resources and ask questions about the discipline of community management using the Higher Logic platform.

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Feature Requests and Ideas  

Do you have an idea for improving the Higher Logic platform? Is there a feature that would make your life easier? Please share product enhancements, feature requests, and other suggestions for enhancing the Higher Logic platform here. Though we can't always implement every suggestion, our Executive and Development teams are listening and appreciate the input from our users as we plan the future of the product.

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Higher Logic Academy Live (Main Community)  

This is the online version of the in person Higher Logic Academy training events.

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Higher Logic Super Forum  

Let's keep the fun and goodness of Super Forum going all year long in our dedicated Super Forum community!

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iMIS Users  

This community for all users of the iMIS product with their Higher Logic product.

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Job Postings  

Have a community or marketing job open at your organization or company? Share it here!

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