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  • Posted in: Asia Pacific HUG

    That's a veritable treasure trove worth of weights in these early days of Sydney quarantine, Rob! And it looks like you have ...

  • I'm a member of a lot of Higher Logic-using associations, and... well, I tend to set it to go just a few minutes after the ...

  • This is something that people ask for every now and then but HL has never really suggested it's working on. I've put an Ideation ...

  • Since at least the advent of AJAX (early 2000s) there's been coding methods for making calls/requests to display data to ...

  • Not sure how you can change it only in the widget. I think if you go to Admin > Settings > General that is where you can ...

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  • This Powered by Edu Blog is for all of our Event Planners who need more time in their lives. So, we've come to love the RSVP Only option when setting up events in Event Manager. Why do you ask? Simplicity . This registration ...

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