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Collaborative Development  

If you would like something built into the Higher Logic platform which you are interested in co-sponsoring of, please submit your suggestion here and indicate that you would be interested in co-development. Others can then respond to say if they would like to go in on it as well etc.

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Feature Requests and Ideas  

Do you have an idea for improving the Higher Logic platform? Is there a feature that would make your life as a community manager just a little easier? What would you like to see in our next release? Please share product enhancements, feature requests, and other suggestions for enhancing the Higher Logic platform here. Though we can't always implement every suggestion, our Executive and Development teams are listening and appreciate the input from our users as we plan the future of the product.

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Higher Logic Community Managers  

A place to share resources and ask questions about the discipline of community management using the Higher Logic platform.

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iMIS Users  

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Job Postings  

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Products Q&A  

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Volunteer Manager  

All Volunteer Manager. All the time.

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