Newsletter Promotion: Plug your Top Blogs, Discussion Groups, and Resources

By Angelika Lipkin posted Apr 21, 2014 11:36 PM


Email newsletters are time-consuming endeavors. From brainstorming and conceptualizing to assigning, finding appropriate artwork, editing and writing, each newsletter is a major project requiring the time and talents of a number of people.

But did you know that you can share top content from your Connected Community site with your newsletter recipients? Including a blog from your community site elevates your own publication and provides an opportunity for you to share helpful information from industry leaders while also saving you time and internal resources.

Here are a few ideas of content items to promote on your newsletter to drive traffic back to your community site:

1)  Most viewed and popular discussion groups.  Link to the hot topic issues of the month that triggered the most threads and substantive conversation.  Pull the report from Reports > Discussions > Discussion Activity to see the discussion that yielded the highest replies.

2) Most viewed, recommended, and downloaded resource libraries. Pull the report from
Reports > Library  > Library Entries

3) Most viewed, recommended, commented Blogs. Pull the report from
Reports > Blogs > Blogs Top 10 Reports

Advanced Strategy:  Higher Logic clients use the blogs platforms and microsites for newsletters.  Check out a few client examples:


OHA Wellness -

URMIA Insights


ACAMS Connections Newsletter-

AUPHA Exchange went from producing a 30-40 page PDF newsletter quarterly to adopting the Higher Logic blog tool for use as their newsletter-

Are you currently using your Connected Community blog functionality for your newsletter? Share links to the web version of your blog in the comments section!