New Tricks: Top 10 Community Refreshers to Remind Members

By Angelika Lipkin posted Aug 14, 2014 04:57 PM


Higher Logic clients should ask questions on a daily basis—that is what makes you so engaged! Together we’ve helped you compile a list of actionable items for you to teach your members. These are the top 10 tips (plus a bonus section) to elicit a reaction, like “Wow!” or “I wish I had known that months ago!”

You can take action on your community site right now, for immediate results. So pick your favorites and spread the tips and tricks via your monthly newsletters, tweets, Facebook status updates, and a session at your annual conference, navigating members through these highlights.

  1. Track your personal contacts to stay updated on other members’ activity (blogs they are posting, events they are attending or hosting)
  2. Download vCards (electronic business cards) directly from Profile pages
  3. Mark “Best Answer” for discussion posts that are the most helpful for you or your members. This will file that post as a best answer for the original question, and will be searchable for others in the future
  4. If you collate all of the presentations from the speakers in advance, members can access and download the PPT presentations from their mobile device at the conference and follow along
  5. A document can be shared with others using the "share" link in the resource library entry.
  6. Bookmark your favorite documents that you have uploaded or have been shared by others from the resource library
  7. Members can retrieve and browse through the documents they've shared or discussions they've posted via the "My Posts" and "My Shared Files" tab on their profile.  The "My Shared Files" is especially useful to easily edit or update a document
  8. From the profile page, a member can click any of their networks on the bottom left hand corner and find all of the members that share the same demographics as them (e.g. city, state, alma mater, experience, interests)
  9. When working on presentations, members can use the advanced search to find specific file types (e.g. .ppt, .xls, .doc) and tags
  10. If your members use feed readers, they can subscribe to specific discussions, libraries, blogs and glossary terms to receive updates on when new items have been posted to the community
  11. Members can reply by email
  12. Turn on "promote this post" so you can pick specific posts to make public  

Here are some bonus tips for mobile users to keep in mind:

  1. If you're licensed for the Eventsential app and MemberCentric, members can directly access the event app with one-touch
  2. With Evensential, members can take and share notes from their mobile device, such as an iPad
  3. If members download the app, they'll receive a push notification when they have a new contact request or community invitation
  4. If you have an in-person meeting with another member, you can use the directory to find the member's phone number, email and address. And GPS automatically provides directions from their existing location