Five Favorite Ideas from 45 Ideas in 45 Minutes -- Bingo Edition

By Bettina Fowler (she/her) posted Oct 26, 2015 01:00 PM


This year the Implementation team took it up a notch to include the audience in the presentation with a fun game of BINGO. The audience checked off boxes for every one of the 45 ideas they had already incorporated into their site. We had a great time, lots of winners, and learned a lot!! Great way to close out Super Forum 2015 - with energy and, of course, some prizes!

Although all of the ideas are great and useful - here are our five favorites: 

1. Direct links to your inbox from your homepage: This is a great, easy way for your members to keep up with their inbox directly from the homepage, keeping them connected and up-to-date on their communications. Shout out to

2. Create Vcard files and assign them to your communities: By adding the Vcards to the community and providing easy download to your members, they can easily start discussion threads directly from their email.  

3. Community Discussion Emails:  Want a personalized community discussion email address? This can now be accomplished on your community site by navigating to Communities > Discussions > Extended Attributes. 

4. Turn on Top Sticky Navigation bar: For better page visibility on mobile devices, make sure the 'top sticky' is on. This allows for the navigation bar to remain in place as you scroll down the page of the site. Shout out to

5. Use Community HTML to add a Flickr stream to a community landing page: Use community HTML content items to add a Flickr stream to a community home page. Shout out to

 For the entire list of ideas presented during 45 in 45, download the presentation here


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Oct 27, 2015 02:40 PM

It would be great in the presentation handout if there were notes as to how various ideas/items were achieved