Where does AMC advertising fit between Brain Surgeon and House Painter?

By Brett Wangman posted Oct 17, 2009 07:25 PM


Let me tell a little story...

I was recently purchasing some new business cards (featuring our new logo).  I use (which I highly recommend).  While purchasing these business cards, I was continually prompted by the site to consider purchasing other related items (mugs, tshirts, envelopes, stamps, etc...).  Now while this is kinda annoying, since I just wanted to complete my transaction and get on with my life, I can`t fault a site for trying to get as much of my potential business as possible while I`m shopping. 

So, back to my story... as I was purchasing my business cards, I saw an ad for Car Magnets.  A large magnet that you can put your advertising message on and then slap onto the side of your car.  Now, I know as you`re reading this, you are saying to yourself... "No you didn`t.  Wow that`s cheesy."  But for some reason, I couldn`t help resist the logic of this purchase.  First of all, this Magnet only cost $15.  I figured it wouldn`t bankrupt me even if  I hated it when it arrived.  Furthermore, I have a 45-minute drive everyday between our home in the city (Chicago) and our office in the suburbs (Glenview).  During this drive, I literally pass (or get passed) by hundreds if not thousands of cars.  And with Chicago having the second largest concentration of associations and association executives (my prospects) in the country, the math started getting interesting. Especially the potential ROI from a one time purchase of $15. So I went ahead and purchased the Magnet.

TCAG Car Banner Ad

Then the real debate began...  Who is allowed to advertise their business on the side of their car, and actually improve their chances of finding a new client or two?  We know that this sort of thing is fine for real estate brokers and house painters.  But would you ever go to a brain surgeon who advertised on the side of their Bentley?  Probably not. 

So the question remains unanswered for the moment.  Where does an AMC fit in this perception continuum?  If you were looking for help with your association, would you consider calling TCAG if you saw my ad while stopped at an intersection, chatting on your cell phone?

Stay tuned.... (and if you live in Chicago, give me a honk if you see me!)


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