Overlooked Essentials for Squeezing Every Drop of Value Out of Your Higher Logic Community

By Cristy Zuazua posted Oct 28, 2015 11:41 PM


This year's Super Forum was a whirlwind of great ideas, and nowhere was the energy higher than in Arlene Moss and Justin Prevatte's breakout session, "Things you don’t know you don’t know - Overlooked Essentials for Squeezing Every Drop of Value Out of Your Higher Logic Community." This session included hacks for community admins that the pair had discovered in their long tenure working with the Higher Logic platform, and a bit of humor, as well.

Highlighted takeaways included:

  • Embedding failsafe Java: on occasion, users can a Javascript widget to a page as an HTML item, which allows the editor to render the widget in design view and then save that rendered code instead of the original code if it's ever opened and saved again. This can break the page, but you can instead use a JavaScript content type instead of HTML. Select the inline option and paste your code in, but add </script> to the very beginning of your code (before anything else) and then add <script> to the very end of your code (after everything else). This will ensure that your widget and other embedded code will never be rendered in the CMS no matter how many times it's opened and saved.
  • Using responsive design responsibly: the Bootstrap platform is all about accessibility for all devices, but it's still a task that requires a bit of maintenance. To this end, Justin showed our community managers how to embed responsively, using this tool for YouTube videos... Rick rolling the entire room in the process!
  • Reach users with site-wide content: there is a way to include content on every page of your site by going to Edit Navigation > Site Setup > Layout and choosing from the six locations there to post uniform content throughout your site. Examples of this include promoting an upcoming conference, calls to action, login buttons, or custom javascript, but the possibilities are pretty endless.