How To: Create and Add Users to an HL-Managed Security Group

By Cristy Zuazua posted Oct 02, 2017 04:11 PM

Hi, all - a common question we get from admins is how to create an HL-managed Security Group and add users to it. The good news is that all Super Admins have the ability to do this, and this can be useful when creating groups to email, sending to ad hoc lists, and a variety of other functions. Steps below:

  1. Create a new HL-Managed Security Group.
  2. Go to Admin > Users > Security Groups > click on the Upload icon in the upper right and you will see the following:
  3. View the Example CSV and fill in the columns with your users' information as in the example.
  4. Select the Security Group to which you'd like to add your list.
  5. Click the Upload CSV and Submit button to upload your CSV file.
  6. When it has been successfully uploaded, you'll see a message to that effect.
And that's it - you're all done!
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