The Twitter Cheat Sheet

By posted Apr 24, 2013 03:12 PM


The goal for all Twitter posts is to be as interactive as possible! Try to include hashtags, Twitter handles, calls to action, and shortened URLs in order to maximize the reach of each tweet.  Here are some quick steps that can help you get started in this strategy.

Gather Twitter Handles! If you have a strong collection of contacts to interact with, it will help you think of people you can engage with through this social network.  Retweeting what they’re saying, mentioning them in a post, or simply striking up a conversation with them will help you create an engaging Twitter presence.

Here are some Twitter handles you should start with:

  • The company or companies you work for.
  • Your clients and customers.
  • Your colleagues and co-workers.
  • Industry leaders and experts.

Research Popular Hashtags! Hashtags are a great way to get your tweets noticed by target audiences, event attendees, and followers of particular interests.  They’re also a creative way to add personality to your Twitter posts and can make you more relatable to your audience, depending on what the hashtag is.

When determining which hashtags to use, think about the keywords that are involved in what your business sells and what your audiences’ needs are.  For instance, if you provide mobile marketing services, some good ones to use would be #QRCodes, #NFC (Near-Field Communication), #Mobile, #Marketing, and #AR (Augmented Reality).

With Twitter handles and hashtags, your posts will become more interactive!  Here’s an example of what an interactive Twitter post would look like:

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There are some key rules and best practices you should be aware of when using Twitter.  These quick “Do’s and Don’ts” should help guide you to becoming a Twitter expert!

Do try to keep Twitter posts as short as possible.  It helps increase the chances of your posts getting retweeted by others.

Do retweet others.  It’s a great way to start and build relationships with new people.

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