7 Tips You Need To Hear About Marketing Automation

By posted May 02, 2013 11:37 AM

You likely have many of your marketing processes automated in an effort to connect with your prospects and move them through that sales funnel to the desired close. Ideally, your audience will see your messages via social networks, direct mail, internet ads and other forms of advertising. But showing interest is far from the start of your sales relationship. There’s still work to be done. People don’t want the hard close. They don’t want to be pushed. They want to be persuaded and courted.

Here are 7 tips you need to hear! 

  1. Don’t rely on the software to create your content – you want to keep it focused, driven by your company brand/personality and have that personal touch. There is great software out there to help you in all aspects of your marketing needs. And you may even get some great ideas for content from it. But don’t ever use cookie cutter content. It will totally miss the mark and you will definitely lose the interest of your prospects.

  3. You need a reason to contact your leads. In days past, too many marketers assumed that the more contact with their leads, the better. But too much useless contact and not enough relevancy can make your messages fall flat. Email messages will go unread. Other messages will be glossed over by your prospect. Your touches with the prospect need to be relevant and timely.

  5. Today’s automated marketing means so much more than email. It means customer relationship management, social marketing and optimizing for mobile devices. The right program can integrate these things to make it easy to manage your automated marketing functions. The better organized you are on the back-end, the better chance your marketing has to make the impact you desire.

  7. Don’t approach automated marketing with a shotgun approach. One centralized system to handle data, track and measure results will help safeguard against this problem. If you have different working parts, then it’s easy for data to be misleading or results to be skewed. You want it all being tracked and measured by a single system to help guide you in your decisions.
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