Get Up and Get Social: How to Get Your Association Involved

By posted Oct 19, 2016 11:01 AM

How social is your association? Your association thrives on the involvement of both its members and the goodwill of others in your trade area and local community. What does that mean for your association? It means it’s time for your association to get social and build good relationships both online and offline. Here are ten ideas to get you started:
  1. Get involved in community events. From the local fête to a beach clean-up, look for chances to get your association involved with events happening in your local community. As well as getting your name known, you’ll get to know people in your locality, and establish your association as caring about its community.
  2. Host an icebreaker or fun day. Of course your AGM is important (see next point), but “come along to our AGM” won’t draw in non-members. Hosting a more laid back event is a proactive way to reach out to your local community. As well as potential members, you’ll be making connections with those who might not be interested in joining your organization, but who could be allies.
  3. Make your AGM or conference more social. An AGM or conference is a good way to get your members together for networking and discussion – but you have to make it appealing. From the way you market it to the general tone of the day, make sure your event is positive and worth the time and money to attend. Don’t forget the importance of social media and a mobile-friendly approach to your event.
  4. Involve your staff. If you want a more social association, start with your staff. Whether paid or voluntary, make sure your staff gets a chance to have their voices heard, and are offered plenty of motivation to get involved in your activities.
  5. Run a contest or giveaway. From a Facebook giveaway to a local prize draw, a contest can be an engaging way to get people involved with what you are doing. Rather than just asking for a name or a Facebook like, encourage involvement with a contest that needs some input from entrants.

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