New forms module is now available for users of the iMIS CRM systems

By posted Apr 12, 2012 04:52 AM


There are many users of iMIS CRM that use the Higherlogic platform for social networking, in fact we have helped several to make the move to HigherLogic for their social networking needs. This message is to those users of iMIS on iMIS 15, there is a new module that has just been officially launched as part of ASI's iEXTEND program and that is WebFormZ for iMIS.

  WebFormZ for imis

WebFormZ is an advanced module designed specifically for iMIS users to build and deploy their own fully iMIS integrated forms. A WebForm can be as simple as a short form to allow a member to edit their mailing interests or as complex as a major multi page form with hundereds of questions, complex routing, workflow and payments. This module really does add a new productivity dimension to iMIS and is approved for use with iMIS 15 by ASI.

Here is a short powerpoint introduction to WebFormZ that you may find useful as a starting point.

Further details are available: