HUG MVP Spotlight - March 2022

By Katie Raeburn posted Mar 01, 2022 09:00 AM


We are thrilled to announce that we have welcomed new HUG MVPs this year! In the next several months, we'll be using this space to introduce you to these new MVPs so you can learn more about them and what they bring to our community.

This month, we're excited to introduce @Tirza Austin (She/Her)! Let's learn a little more about her in the Q&A below.

What first brought you into HUG?

I joined the American Society of Civil Engineers as a new community professional. We were currently using Higher Logic to manage our community and committee work. I turned to HUG to learn the ins and outs of Higher Logic and the community profession. HUG helped me tremendously, so I’m excited to continue to give back to the community to help empower other new Higher Logic users.

Tell us about your most memorable HUG (or HUG-related) interaction.

I met Richard Millington at my first “in-person” Higher Logic SuperForum. I totally geeked out. Definitely a highlight of any HUG event. He’s an awesome person and it was a pleasure to meet him.

Is there one person you’ve been able to develop a relationship with through HUG (or a HUG-related event)? 

@Phil Foss!!!! Phil has so much knowledge of the Higher Logic platform and UI/UX. It’s always a pleasure to pick his brain. He has helped me on so many projects! Cheers to Phil!

What have you taken from HUG that has helped you drive initiatives within your own organization?

Everything! I’ve relaunched our community, launched a mentoring program, developed a new forum with a microsite with curated content for students and younger members, revamped our topic moderator program, started a virtual event series. The list goes on. Every program I’ve worked on, I’ve turned to HUG for help. It has been a huge help in all the success our community has had.

What’s your first memory of community in general? 

MySpace. My parents wouldn’t let me set up an account.

What’s the biggest goal you’d like to accomplish in 2022?

We are working on launching a new standards forum at the end of the month. Right now that’s top of mind for 2022 but you never know! 😊

Note from Katie: Feel free to connect with Tirza on HUG and also on LinkedIn:!