HUG MVP Spotlight - May 2022

By Katie Raeburn posted May 01, 2022 12:01 AM


We are thrilled to announce that we have welcomed new HUG MVPs in 2022! In the next several months, we'll be using this space to introduce you to these new MVPs so you can learn more about them and what they bring to our community.

This month, we're excited to introduce @Cathy Liu! Let's learn a little more about her in the Q&A below.

What first brought you into HUG?

I wanted to learn about  the Higher Logic platform and connect with other Higher Logic Community Managers.

Tell us about your most memorable HUG (or HUG-related) interaction.

2019 Super Forum was the most memorable. I met lots of HL support staff and my CSM, Mary Ellen Lurie, in person in DC. I got tons of community questions answered and got some community set-up done on the spot! You can imagine how much relief I felt as a person five months into the job dealing with a new platform without any prior training.

Is there one person you’ve been able to develop a relationship with through HUG (or a HUG-related event)?

I met @Tirza Austin (She/Her) through HUG events. She inspires me to do more for the community industry, and it is also nice to see what your community peer is up to these days.

What have you taken from HUG that has helped you drive initiatives within your own organization?

I benefit from the best practices shared by fellow community managers, especially regarding Automation Rules. I have also followed the advice to set up a "welcome" email series in my own community.

What’s your first memory of community in general?

My first community experience was managing a product ideas generation group for Clorox. It was my first community job. The experience taught me about online content moderation and content curation and helped me transition to a new career in community management.

What’s the biggest goal you’d like to accomplish in 2022?

Build an indispensable community for Alation!

Note from Katie: You're welcome to connect with Cathy on LinkedIn at!




May 05, 2022 03:14 PM

@Piper Wilson Gill (she/her/hers)​​,
My most memorable idea that was submitted was the request for a wipe that is thick and "tough" to scrub off the tough stain. I am so thrilled to see that idea adopted and come to market.

May 03, 2022 04:03 PM

Hello Cathy,

I love hearing about others' first experiences with community. It sounds like you had an interesting experience! What was your favorite, or the most unusual idea you came across?