Five Tricks for Managing Email Deliverability

By Kelsey Hession posted Jun 23, 2014 04:21 PM


Five Tricks for Managing Email Deliverability

Sometimes, managing email deliverability can feel a little like a monster under your bed: big, ugly, and better left in the dark. But as you drive your engagement forward, your users are going to rely on their email to stay up-to-date on all the hot topics of discussion on your community site. Here are some tips you can use to shine some light on your deliverability problems, and make them easier to wrangle.

1 Stay Notified

Don’t let email problems creep up on you! Stay on top of new issues as they arise by setting up email management notifications. Our tools allow you to customize notifications based on your schedule, the types of issues you want to be notified for, and the people who you’d like to receive those notifications. Remember: knowledge is power; notifications allow you to address problems as soon as they occur, and keep interruptions of members’ email to a minimum.

2 Send in Bulk

Have a lot of blocks that need processing? The email delivery management tools have a handy “Export” button that can be used to pull all the addresses in the current filtered list into an easy-to-process CSV file. From there, you can use your email marketing tool to send out a large number of emails to check the validity of those addresses. These tools also often provide robust bounce information that can be valuable for diagnosing and resolving problems.

3 Send Smart

Write templates for your check-in emails that are tailored to the types of blocks that are logged. For Permanent blocks, you want to be checking the validity of the email: has it been misspelled? Has the user changed jobs? For Complaints, you want to check to see if they intentionally clicked a “Mark as Spam” button on one of their emails, and if so, address the configuration of their subscriptions to reduce volume of the email they receive.

Remember, only the Permanent and Complaint issue types stop sending entirely; we still continue to send to addresses with Transient or Undetermined issues.

4 Whitelist

“Whitelisting” is the process of adding email addresses or IP addresses to a list of approved senders. They allow users to designate who they wish to receive mail from, superseding any blacklists or spam filters. If a user is having trouble receiving email, whitelisting Higher Logic’s sending IP addresses can be a great way to clear the path. Users can reach out to their mail server’s IT department to have whitelisting done.

5 Ask for Support

If you find yourself at a loss with a particular address or block, don’t be afraid to reach out to Higher Logic support for help. We’re always happy to work with a member’s IT department to resolve issues, or to answer any questions you or your members might have.

Additionally, you can always refer back to our best practices (link) or our recent SNAP! Training (link), whether you need a crash course on the tools, or just need a refresher.

Happy sending!




Jun 23, 2017 02:40 PM

Hi, Laura - you probably found this info by now, but for others going forward, we house our latest whitelisting info here:


Apr 11, 2016 01:27 PM

Are those IP addresses still accurate? We have a member who isn't receiving Higher Logic emails and I would like to share the information with them. Thanks!