Build Your Learning Experience with Higher Logic Academy Online

By Lila Elliott posted Feb 13, 2017 11:18 AM


Build your learning experience with Higher Logic Academy Online
In building Higher Logic Academy Online, one of our main goals was to create a learning experience anyone could benefit from, whether you’re a Super Administrator or just need to place Ads on a site - to anything in between.

I love Higher Logic Academy Live - our monthly, in-person event - but not everyone can come. And, to be honest, not everyone involved in a community needs an intensive workshop like that. That led us to create an online learning hub where clients can customize their learning experiences.

Build your Higher Logic learning experience

What does this customizable learning experience look like? Our offerings are divided into three buckets: courses, and challenges.

Here’s how it looks:

  • Courses - browse all our content, no matter the subject, and take whichever classes look most appealing to you.
  • Paths - do you want to flex your community manager muscle, or finally master website editing? Select a ‘path’ that will not only tell you which courses to but in what order to take them.
  • Challenges - if a path or a course is a meal, a challenge is a snack - an easy way to learn something useful in ten to 15 minutes.

Not only do we have these various options, but we worked hard to make each block of content succinct (two to three minutes long). That way a user can move through a course, path, or challenge as quickly as they want, skipping any material not relevant to them at that moment. These short videos, narrated and interactive software simulations are easily updated, which gives us the opportunity to be creative and offer a big library of them.

Community learning

We’re also proud of our focus on community learning in Higher Logic Academy Online. It makes sense, right? We are a community platform company after all!

Although it’s second nature for us to incorporate into an E-learning space, it’s surprisingly hard to find an example like Higher Logic Academy Online. It’s a microsite of HUG, connected to your HUG account, and complete with and your current HUG profile.

We don’t want you to just take a course or a challenge and be done. We want you to ask each other questions and give each other (and us!) feedback. It’s one thing to learn a new skill through a video. It’s a whole different thing to actually implement it. In our Higher Logic Academy Online community, we want customers to help each other bridge that gap. Want to get started? Then join our Learn Together (Main) Community.

Please let me know what feedback you have - I want to make sure our clients get what they need out of this learning experience.