Making the Most of Your Connected Community

By Mark Eichler posted Dec 11, 2013 07:10 AM


There’s no limit to the amount of ways associations can use Connected Community to drive engagement and increase member value. Orange Army team members highlighted “45 Ideas in 45 Minutes” on the last day of the HUG Super Forum. Here are our favorite five:

Idea No. 1: BioBubbles

Leave the BioBubbles feature on so members can learn more about contributors, making it easy to connect.

Idea No. 29: Simplify Your Homepage

Members want to get where they need to go quickly – not sort through a cluttered website. Embrace that behavior and improve visit quality by highlighting what members use the most (SlideDeck, Most Active Members Discussion Posts, Library Entries, Blogs, Events, Announcements, etc.) and ditching the rest.

Idea No. 35: Establish a Member Help Line

Staff it with both employees and power users among your membership.

This online portal will serve as the collaborative center for all things “help.” Create simple training videos to help your members get acquainted with the site. Be sure to include a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page for quick answers.

Idea No. 39: CEO Dashboard

Save time for your executives by creating a page where they can easily find the latest community data, any time they need it.

Idea No. 40: Adjust Engagement Ribbons

Want to up the stakes for your members? Adjust the values associated with engagement ribbons and nudge them a bit higher every once in a while.