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By Mark Eichler posted Apr 21, 2016 06:50 PM


Hello all, we’re happy to let you know of a new offering for our HUG community. Higher Logic has long partnered with Results Direct to provide our clients with mobile app solutions. The primary community app—MemberCentric—is offered in two versions: Express and Professional. These two app flavors provide similar functionality for exploring your community, posting to discussions, searching the directory, etc. The difference is strength of branding and differentiation.

Express: users search for and download the MemberCentric app from their app store. Following download, the user will select the Higher Logic client from the list of all clients with configured apps. A user who desires to enjoy an app experience for multiple Higher Logic clients would access both through the same MemberCentric app icon on their phone or tablet. The name/logo of the app is “MemberCentric” – the organization name would not be represented in the app icon on the phone. (Icon seen at right in image to the right).

Professional: users search for the organization’s name, community name, or keywords relevant to the organization or company in the app store. Following download, the user is essentially done – login, take action immediately or wait for a notification. A user who desires to enjoy an app experience for multiple Higher Logic clients would repeat the unique search/download experience. The app icon includes the name/logo of your community, organization or company. (Icon seen at left in image to the right).

We recently became aware that many of our clients were not familiar with the full slate of choices they had in a native app. In retrospect, this is logical because we have always provided the MemberCentric Express app for our HUG community. Realizing this left a core part of the app story untold, we’ve recently released a version of MemberCentric professional for HUG. We invite you to download the new HUG app from the App Store or Google Play. Feel free to download the app from searching for "Higher Logic Users Group" in the app store or via the QR code below.



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Apr 22, 2016 03:09 PM

This is great -- and coincidental timing as I just was notified today that our association's professional-level app went live. During the super forum last year I was wondering why HUG wasn't at the pro level.
Looks sharp. Congratulations.