Mobile Update - April 3, 2013

By Patrick Bragg posted Apr 03, 2013 06:46 PM

First, to you community members who have posted their testing results and shared thoughts/ideas about ways to improve the mobile site - Thank You!  Your input is extremely helpful and we appreciate you taking the time to contribute.

Tonight we're pushing these two fixes out to the mobile site:
1. the double signature bug - only one signature should appear in your posts and replies.
2. contact list error - fixed

Bugs on the list for fixing:
1. Menu doesn't work properly when viewed with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (thanks Ben!)
2. Remember Me button on the login page doesn't remember you (thanks Brett!)
3. Fix the Pull Down and Pull Down list refresh and scrolling on the iPhone 4s (thank you for reporting Jeanne!)
4. Profile picture misplacement after message is sent to contact (thank you Jeanne!)
5. Images in postings should be relatively sized so the device pinch action can be used to enlarge it
6. Format the "People who Recommended" page

Suggestions for improvement:
1. Increase the size of the header buttons to make them easier to punch - (Ben, it's in the works)
2. Move the "reply to discussion" button from the options menu and put it in the context of the message - (Ben, it's on the list)
3. Persist the main Menu button in the header for quick access (Brett, it's in the works)
4. Create a New Topic button should be added to the discussions list display options

I believe that covers it for today. Thanks again for your input and I'll post another blog when more of the fixes are scheduled for release. 

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May 03, 2013 03:15 PM

This is working now