How To: Use Automation Rules to Add Ribbons and Badges to User Profiles

By Patrick Mclamb posted Oct 11, 2018 08:52 PM

Hey guys! If you've worked with our automation rules, you probably already know about some of their capabilities, such as sending out templated emails and conversion trackers. Another excellent way to step up your automation rule game is to use them to add ribbons and badges to user profiles.

Before we jump into the step-by-step instructions, I want to briefly speak to the differences, or lack thereof, between badges and ribbons. There is NO technical difference - easy, right? Badges and ribbons certainly have visual differences, but they serve the same gamification purpose and are added to profiles the same way.

Your automation rules can be configured to add badges and ribbons based on user achievements, such as posting a specific number of blog articles or completing 100% of their profile. They can also be configured to be added to specific users, such as those that have an organizational email address.

The following step-by-step instructions will show you how to create an automation rule that will add a ribbon to a profile of a user who has an organizational email address.

1. Click Admin > Tools > Automation Rules > List of Rules (or Admin > Automation > Automation Rules, if you're using the New Admin)

2. Click the green button called New Rule

3. Select "Add a Ribbon to" from the left-most drop-down list

4. Select every contact "whose email address partially matches the specified value" from the right-most drop-down list and then click the green button called Add

5. Choose the ribbon (can also be a badge) that you want to add to profiles from the "Add the" drop-down list. In this example, I am using a green ribbon I created that says "Community Member".

6. Specify who will receive the ribbon by entering the domain name preceded by the @ symbol in the input text box below the ribbon you selected. In this example, I am using the Higher Logic domain name so that all Higher Logic staff members in my community will receive this ribbon.

7. Click the blue Calculate Who Qualifies button to check who the automation rule will currently effect. Once calculated, you can click the blue numbers to check who will receive the ribbon and who will lose it.

8. Next, you can decide how this rule affects those users who already have the ribbon, but no longer meet the specifications of the automation rule. Click the drop down that says "remove the ribbon" and select to remove the ribbon or let the ribbon stay.

Automation_rule_3.jpg9. Give the rule a name by entering it in the "Name this rule" text input box. It's best to be very specific when naming rules so that you know exactly what it is whenever you see it.

10. Optionally, you can enter a Group Name in the final text input box. This will put this rule in a previously defined group such as "Community".  You will use this group name to organize rules so that they can be found easily in the future.

11. Scroll back to the top of the page and schedule the rule by clicking the toggle button where it says "Unscheduled".  You will see the status change to "Scheduled". It's a good idea to save this step until you are happy with the rule you have configured.

12. Finally, you need to save the rule. Back at the bottom of the page, click the orange Save button.  Alternatively, if you'd like to immediately run the rule after saving it, click the down arrow next to Save and select "Save and Run Now"

13.  Once your rule runs, the ribbon will show up on all user profiles in your community whose user has an email address that ends in the selected domain name (in my example, all users whose email address ends in


Congratulations!  You’ve just increased your automation rule knowledge base.  Your users will love their new ribbons and badges!