Top 5 Ideas from the 45 Ideas in 45 Minutes Session at HUG Super Forum

By Qyana Stewart posted Sep 26, 2014 07:13 PM

There’s no limit to the amount of ways associations can use Connected Community to drive engagement and increase member value. Orange Army team members highlighted “45 Ideas in 45 Minutes” on the last day of the HUG Super Forum. Here are our favorite five:

Idea No. 1: Automate a "You're So Close!" e-mail


For users who are at a certain percentage with profile completion, sent an email letting them know they are so close to completing their profile and let them know the things they need to do to complete it. Shout out to Elizabeth Douglas -


Idea No. 2: Icebreaker Welcome

Ask members to share fun details about themselves to build virtual relationships.Shout out to Lindsay Starke -

Idea No. 3: Create a Contest Tied to Philanthropy


Incentivize an action with a contest. Donate $1 to a charity for every member that a) completes their profile, b) receives a "recommend", c) receives "best answer". Crowd source the charity and encourage members to use the recommend and best answer feature.

Idea No. 4: Embed a Live Help Feature

 Do you have a live support feature on your main site? You can use the new Javascript tools to add it to your community site as well. Shout out to

Idea No. 5: Turn on "Promote this post"

Turn on "Promote this post" so you can pick specific posts to make public. Then, put links to those posts out on other social networks to drive people back to your community site to read them.

For a complete list of all of the 45 ideas in 45 minutes that were presented in HUG Super Forum, download the PPT in our 2014 HUG Super Forum resource library!