Welcome to the HUG!

By Rob Wenger posted Oct 07, 2009 06:31 PM

I am very excited to welcome everyone to what I hope will be an invaluable resource to all of us!

The HUG will, like your own community sites, be a great place for the Higher Logic staff and our subscribers and partners to interact with one another.  There is a lot we can learn from each other and a lot more that we can do when we do it together.

To orient everyone, I have put together a list of what we hope to accomplish with this site:
  1. Sharing - We want all of our subscribers and partners sharing and communicating!  With us and with one another. Most of the ideas we have for new products, new features, and new and better strategies come from you. We think that by communicating in this way, everyone will be more successful.
  2. Education - We will be putting all of our documentation, training materials, and recorded webinars in the Resource Libraries on HUG.  We have a bunch up there now and ton more to put up.  Check back frequently!
  3. Announcements - We have lots of new features that are already ready to be added to your sites.  We have many many more in development that are coming soon.  We want to give you a heads up and solicit your feedback.  HUG will be the best source for this information.
  4. Collaboration - So you want some cool new feature that we don't have planned yet.  With over 100 subscribers, odds are there is someone out there thinking along the same lines.  Here, you can get together and commission our custom development team or our partners to build it for you and share the costs.  Don't reinvent the wheel!
  5. Support - We have added a new support system to HUG.  This will allow our subscribers to submit questions, report bugs, or request new features or custom work.  The system will let us track all requests and you track the status of your submissions.  This will be much better than the email and phone call methods we have been using because we have so many tracking and reporting mechanisms in place now.
  6. Tips and Tricks - New products and features are great, but sometimes the coolest things you can do with your communities are just creative ways of working with what you already have. We have lots of these tips and tricks and will be putting them up frequently.  Share yours too!
  7. Partners - Now that you've got these shiny new communities, what more can you do for your members?  We have lots of partners who can make your jobs easier, your members happier, or your bottom lines bigger.  Find out what they do and connect with them here.
  8. Test Drive - We will be releasing our new products and features on HUG before we release them to your sites.  This will give you a chance to try them out and give us feedback before your members get them.
  9. Networking - Meet your peers!  Everyone in the community will be involved in some way in managing and facilitating social networking - social media - community web sites.  Who better to meet and get to know?
We're just getting started!