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Share Your Story: Let Us Showcase Your Awesomeness

By Shannon Emery posted Aug 06, 2019 11:58 AM

Share Your Story

Hey HUG!

As your friendly community manager, I am always looking for ways to showcase your awesomeness and will always post opportunities for you to do this with us here at Higher Logic. You all are doing amazing things so let's show off your awesomeness! 

You might have seen a banner in HUG promoting the RAPS video our marketing team created. These videos give you an opportunity to tell your story and give us an opportunity to brag on our rock star customers (that's you by the way). Check out these videos as well:

Now we want to showcase you

Here are some ideas of things to brag about…

  • Deflecting X% more support tickets since having a community
  • Setting up an automation rule that achieved a crazy conversion rate and saved you and your staff a ton of time
  • Achieving X% higher registrations to your conference due to marketing automation
  • Improving your volunteer program through use of Volunteer Manager
  • And anything else you’re proud of

If you’re interested, let us know and we can set up an initial chat.

P.S. Not up for a video yet or not sure your story has enough meat? Let’s chat anyway, and we can discuss the right approach for you, whether it’s basic quotes, a blog post, or a written story.