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Hi HUG! I'm here with a new way for you to connect with others here in HUG! Exciting, right? We're calling them Office Hours to start but this will be dedicated space & time for you to connect with other community & marketing experts. Maybe we'll come up with a jazzier name later but for now Office Hours will work. What are Office Hours? Each week there will be time dedicated to Community Manager Office Hours and Marketing & Membership Office Hours. The goal for each office hours is to network with other experts & share what you're working on. That's it - just good old peer-to-peer discussion & connecting. Ready to sign ...
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Hi HUG!  My name is Shannon Emery and while I’ve been in the background here on HUG, I wanted to officially announce myself as your HUG Community Manager . Over the years, HUG has been run by passionate Higher Logic employees who created this vibrant community. I am amazed by the discussions, knowledge sharing, and more. Now we are going to give HUG a hug.  Pretend HUG is the heart. Before I go further, here’s a bit about me. In my previous role, I consolidated, developed, and nurtured a 60,000-member community for nonprofit professionals using software and solutions. I’ve done almost everything one can do in community management: analytics, ...