"Top 2010 Trends"

When:  Jan 6, 2010 from 07:30 AM to 09:30 PM (ET)

2009 has been a very tough year for associations and their leaders.

2010 can be better, but only if you're prepared for what's next.

Here's your chance to get ready...

Let's be honest:  2009 has been a really difficult year for associations, for reasons we know all too well.  Now, as this terrible year comes to an end, it's time for association leaders to get ready for 2010 by learning how they can make it a better year for their members and stakeholders, as well as their organizations. 

Join Jeff De Cagna--the association community's leading voice for innovation--for a comprehensive look at the trends that will shape the year 2010, and the strategic questions your association must be able answer if you're going to capitalize on them.

Now, you're probably already asking yourself another question:  there are so many no-cost webinar opportunities out there, what will I get for $99 that I can't get for free?  And here's the answer:

1.  Access to fresh, up-to-the-moment future-focused content, curated by one of the most provocative thinkers on the future of our community, exclusively for association leaders.

2.  Access to the 2010 Trends Webinar discussion guide for use with your board or staff to build your association's capacity to think and act strategically in a time of great volatility and uncertainty.

3.  Access to Jeff's Top Ten 2010 Forecasts for Associations, including function-specific forecasts for key areas of your association's work so your entire team can prepare effectively for the year ahead.