HUG Connect & Marketing Event Series: Speakers & Presenters

When:  Mar 4, 2021 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (ET)
In this HUG Connect & Marketing Event Series, we are going to be talking about speakers and presenters at your virtual conference.

Besides having to wrangle speakers & presenters each year in-person, doing this virtually has its challenges.

Let's talk about this in our session:
-How do you help get speakers and presenters to sign up for your conference?
-How do you connect with them to get them to turn in their materials on time?
-How do you train your speakers & presenters in a new virtual world?
-Are there tricks and tips you can share with your peers on how to get the most out of MA for wrangling speakers?

We always start the first part of HUG Connect in our big session and break out into rooms for more networking & sharing opportunities. Let's slay your virtual conference together this year!



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Shannon Emery