2013 Higher Logic Learning Series: START A FIRE IN YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK

When:  May 16, 2013 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
Higher Logic™, the leader in social media and collaboration solutions for associations, not-for-profits and member-based organizations worldwide, presents START A FIRE IN YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK on Thursday, May 16 at 2:00PM Eastern.

Start a fire in your social network…
okay, not a literal fire. Instead gather the materials you need to start sparking interest and activity within your membership about this member benefit they all should be using. We all know launching a private social network is much easier than developing an actual community of participants who are connected, active and engaged. SocialFish, a Higher Logic partner, will host a candid conversation about winning community management strategies.

They’ll discuss ways that associations are generating discussion and truly engaging stakeholders in order to create a thriving
online community members consider a resource. In this session, you'll:
  • Learn community management strategies that make your community a productive and comfortable place for members to participate.
  • See how content can attract members, generate discussion, and keep members active and interested.
  • Get a better idea of what success looks like for association communities, and what metrics are worth benchmarking and tracking.
THOUGHT LEADERS: Lindy Dreyer, Chief Social Media Marketer, SocialFish [@lindydreyer] and Maddie Grant, CAE, Chief Social Media Strategist, SocialFish [@maddiegrant]

Session dialogue facilitator: Meet Lauren Wolfe, Interactive Marketing & New Media, Higher Logic



HAVE QUESTIONS? Submit your questions in advance or bring them to the webinar! Also, plan to network with your peers in the real-time chat log – it’s the best place to share new ideas and learn from each other. 


Since launching their social media consulting firm, SocialFish (add link: www.socialfish.org), in 2008, Maddie Grant, CAE and Lindy Dreyer have helped associations, large and small, build capacity for using social media to achieve business results. Maddie and Lindy are the authors of Open Community: a little book of big ideas for associations navigating the social web. Their blog, SocialFishing, covers the intersection of social media and association management, and is one of the most visited and respected blogs written for association executives.

NEW OFFER: Private Community Management Certificate Program

This 8-week online certificate program is designed for association community managers (and association executives with community management as part of their job responsibilities). You’ll learn the fundamentals of community management strategy and develop the skills to nurture (or troubleshoot) any online community. More.

Learn more about the 2013 Learning Series Program. All webinars are complimentary, interactive and designed to build community. Plus, collect all four badges, receive four CAE credits and be entered to win the grand prize.


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