Higher Logic Academy -- Meals

At Higher Logic, learning never stops.

Logistics: Meals

Higher Logic Academy Meals

Please come hungry!  We're including breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks.


Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions:
If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please indicate those during your registration or email the Higher Logic Education Team.

Gluten Free/Allergies:

Our training facility separates all meal components and labels all food. Please note that while the training facility has gluten-free options and takes every effort to avoid cross contamination, the facility does not have a gluten-free kitchen.  

Vegetarians & Vegans:
We have you covered! We provide both vegetarian and vegan-friendly meal options. 



 Have questions? We have you covered! Just email our Education Team and we'll gladly assist you. 

Or, call 202-360-4402 | Press 8 for the Education Team.