Communications Enterprise Email Marketing and Automation Resources

Basic Concepts

Higher Logic Platform Overview (E-Learning Course)
Platform Overview (Product Documentation)


Email Management Best Practices (Webinar Recording)
Whitelisting Instructions (HUG Resource)
View and Resolve Email Delivery Issues (Product Documentation)

Site Editing

Web Editing/Content Management System (CMS)  (Product Documentation)
Web Editing/Content Management System (CMS)  (E-Learning Course)
How to Create Pages (Product Documentation)
How to Hide/Delete Pages & Content (Product Documentation)
Site Setup Pages  (Product Documentation)
Site Setup Pages  (E-Learning Course)
Widgets (Product Documentation)
Widgets (E-Learning Course)

Automation Rules

Getting Started (HUG Resources)
Automation Rules (E-Learning Course)
Automation Rules (Product Documentation)


Discussions Overview (Product Documentation)
Moderation (Product Documentation)
Configuring Discussion Templates (Product Documentation)
Enabling Questions & Answers (Product Documentation)


Data, Reporting and Benchmarking (E-Learning Course))
Reporting (Product Documentation)


Community Configuration (E-Learning Course)
Communities (Product Documentation)


Gamification Configuration (E-Learning Course)
Gamification Strategy (E-Learning Course)
Ribbons and Badges (Product Documentation)


Resource Libraries (Product Documentation)


Member Directory (Product Documentation)
Member Directory (E-Learning Course)