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Welcome to HUG Buzz, our client newsletter. Every issue is developed to bring you the latest community articles, updated product information and strategic tools you need to keep your users engaged, informed and happy. Check out the trove of archived HUG Buzz editions below.


July 2018

HUG Buzz July 2018

Looking for best practices for your engagement strategy and lapsed member campaigns? Check out the webinar recordings from RAPS and SNMMI, two Higher Logic Managed Services clients who have taken member engagement to the next level.

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June 2018

HUG Buzz June 2018

Your community is already chock full of great ideas. Formalize those ideas and requests with Ideation, a new module built specifically to gather user submissions and feedback from the community.

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May 2018

HUG Buzz May 2018

Our Spring Release is here and brings with it a slew of product updates! Join the webinar on May 17 at 2pm ET to see Ideation, Polls, GDPR resources, email enhancements, and an updated look and feel across platforms.

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April 2018

HUG Buzz April 2018

Make it easy to find, track, and reward volunteer engagement with Higher Logic's Volunteer Manager. With Volunteer Manager, you can automate your volunteer program, track volunteer hours, and launch reward programs.

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March 2018

HUG Buzz March 2018

Many organizations have groups that come together around common interests or work. Help your staff and volunteer leaders deliver a unique experience to these members and track success with Group Manager.

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February 2018

HUG Buzz February 2018

Use Workspace to give your teams and working groups the power to participate anywhere, promote faster results, and reduce time to market. Plus, get tips on preparing for GDPR.

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January 2018

GDPR comes into effect in just a few months. Get tips on how to prepare for the new regulations in this issue. Plus, learn how to deliver social learning to your members in a single location.

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December 2017

Our winter product release includes personalization features, repeating events in Event Manager, the full release of Group Manager, and more.

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November 2017

Our new Volunteer Resource Center has everything you need to get people more involved, including tips, tricks, and real-life examples.

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Super Forum 2017

Exciting news! We’ve acquired marketing automation companies Real Magnet and Informz and launched a customer Champion Program.

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October 2017

#Hashtags are now available on your community site. Plus, check out our resource center built just for community managers.

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September 2017

Check out this issue for Super Forum teasers and to learn about new functionality for community admins, your CMS, and more.

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August 2017

Want more insight from your community data? Data Dashboards will help you display and analyze information from multiple systems.

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July 2017

Get the most out of automation rules with our new resource center, then check out your peers’ advice on member engagement.

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June 2017

@Mentions are now live on your site! So is our new Documentation Support Community, created to gather your feedback – good and bad.

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May 2017

Increase team collaboration with Workspace and see how your community stacks up by downloading the 2016 Community Benchmarking Report.

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April 2017

Are you using your community’s data effectively? Learn about Activity Sync as well as how to sell ad space on your community and engage ambassadors post launch. And don’t forget to share your insights about Higher Logic on G2 Crowd.

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March 2017

Higher Logic acquired Kavi and adding Workspace to our platform. Plus, set the next generation up for success with Mentor Match, suggest a session for Super Forum 2017 and how to deal with negative reviews on your community.

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February 2017

Introducing Higher Logic Academy Online - the place where you can build your own learning experience. Higher Logic welcomes Jamey Jeff, Chief Customer Officers. Also, learn more about Higher Logic’s new Learning Management System (LMS).

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January 2017

We have some exciting news: Higher Logic acquires Socious. Plus, get ideas to boost student engagement and learn about a new functionality to help you email community members.

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November 2016

Higher Logic has a lot of good news! IDC MarketSpace Report named us a leader in online communities, and we secured a $55 million investment from JMI Equity, who is our new investment partner.

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October 2016

Are you going to attend the biggest community event of the year? We hope to see you at Super Forum 2016! Plus, read about new guidelines for a community code of conduct, automation rules wins and updates to image editor.

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September 2016

Wonder how Automation Rules help other Huggers? In this issue, we chatted with teams from EdTA and AARC about their automation experience. Plus, check out a how-to on adding or removing items from main site navigation, standard metrics for your community, a webinar on Mentor Match and more.

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August 2016

Learn why tracking data sooner rather than later pays off, how to explain community to stakeholders and how to train microsite admins. Plus — are you ready for ASAE Annual 2016? Because we are.

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July 2016

Get ready for a data driven Higher Logic Super Forum 2016. Read what’s in store for the event and suggest session ideas. Also read about how to wake your community up from “Summertime Silence” and our new ribbon and badge reference guide and artwork.

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June 2016

Does your community have a mentorship program? Learn the tricks behind CXPA’s successful new mentoring program. Plus -- check out our resource hub for new admins, hear how community managers deal with trolls and learn about our new push API.

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May 2016

Read about how the Missouri REALTORS found success in their new ambassador program. Also learn about tracking metrics for discussion threads, copying experience themes for your microsites and the new HUG branded app!

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April 2016

It’s time to take the leap and use automation rules. Plus, they’re not just for sending out emails — read how to automatically assign badges. Also read about a real-life ambassador program and ways to encourage volunteers.

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March 2016

Learn about SAE International’s community refresh and about making your community accessible for everyone. Plus — searching just got easier, with our new faceted search feature.

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December 2015

We’ve released new consolidated daily and weekly digests, highlighted in the feature story. Also check out some new SNAP! Trainings, Super Forum recordings and product enhancements like anonymous posting, email address checks and privacy controls.

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2015 Super Forum Edition

Catch up on all the Super Forum 2015 highlights in this special issue. This year’s event was all about how people power communities. Read summaries on our thought leaders keynotes, find recaps of breakout sessions, including our new Volunteer Manager, Automation Rules & more.

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October 2015

Download the new 2015 Community Benchmarking Report! Read stories on making member communications effective and our Voice of the Customer handbook. Product enhancements include new design themes and activity sync module updates.

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August 2015

Read about Higher Logic’s new Volunteer Manager Module and Volunteer Experience eBook. Resources include writing great community manager job descriptions and beta testing guides. Product enhancements feature new mentoring reports.

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June 2015

See what to expect for our 6th Annual HUG Super Forum. Read stories on setting up Google Tag Manager, new badges and the 2015 State of Community Management Report. Product enhancements include website accessibility and automation rules.

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April 2015

Learn about KPIs for your community – what metrics matter for measuring success? Featured articles include conference engagement strategies and page layout design options. Product enhancements offer info on automation and community management services.

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February 2015

Want to learn how to prepare your community for Millennials? Check out other stories on understanding bootstrap and responsive design and using badge artwork. Product enhancements include automation rules for engaging and a new volunteer report.

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December 2014

Need help thinking big picture? Check out “A Year in the Life of a Community Manger.” Featured stories include generating revenue streams and a mentoring guide. Product enhancements provide details on our new support of HTTPS.

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October 2014

Learn about the changing face of volunteerism, and don’t forget to read our 2014 Community Benchmarking report and top community management tips. Product enhancements include responsive design and our Widget Builder.

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2014 Super Forum Edition

Read a recap of our very successful 5th Annual HUG Super Forum. Get caught up in featured sessions like our famous 45 in 45, widgets and automation rules, driving community engagement through gamification and more.

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August 2014

Learn about the 2014 HUG Super Forum, with feature stories about handling community detractors, engagement tips and the first Community Benchmarking Report. Product enhancements include Bootstrap and Reply by Email.

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June 2014

Read about Andy Steggles’ musts for onboarding success, with feature stories on email deliverability, event registration and a new admin onboarding resource. Product enhancements include automation, discussions functionality and new reports.

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April 2014

Read about Andy Steggles’ top secrets to motivating members, with feature stories about promoting community content, revenue partners and marketing your site better. Product enhancements include Bootstrap details and new email statistics report.

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February 2014

Read about Andy Steggles’ tactics for engaging new members, with feature stories about driving traffic to your community, enabling auto-login and cool community management tips. Product enhancements include an updated Microsites blogging platform.

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December 2013

Learn about the 2013 HUG Super Forum highlights, with two keynotes featuring Marcus Sheridan and the rise of mobile apps. Additional session wrap-ups include content marketing, measuring engagement and the 7 deadly sins for community management.

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November 2013

Check out 2013 HUG Super Forum highlights, with keynotes from Marcus Sheridan and the rise of mobile apps. Session wrap-ups include content marketing, engagement and community management sins.

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