Communications Professional Advanced Starter kits

Best Practice Messages for Advanced Starter Kits

Taking the Advanced Campaign Starter Kits to the next level!

We know that marketing automation garners results in driving dues and non-dues revenue, yet only a small percentage of our customers have taken advantage of all the automation has to offer. We have heard customers say that they don’t know where to start with creating the right campaign flows or that they have no idea where to start in terms of content.

Late last year, we launched the new advanced starter kits to help jump-start your campaign strategy, and to help ease you into automation. And now, we are taking that one step further by delivering you a new canned content experience. When creating a campaign message or a one-off message, you will now have access to canned content that is geared toward onboarding, renewals, lapsed membership, and fundraising.

After years of strategic engagements, and learning from our customer success stories, we have a much better understanding of what makes a campaign successful. This project was a perfect time to put the best practices that we’ve helped implement with our customers, as well as the knowledge shared from our own customers campaign success, to provide you the content and campaign workflows that we feel will help you be successful.

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How to Leverage an Enhanced Starter Kit in Communications Professional


Step 1: Navigate to Campaigns 

Step 2: Click Create 

Step 3: Select any of the campaign starter kits that appear within the modal 

Once the campaign starter kit is selected, you will be taken to the campaign designer, and the predefined workflow and helper text will be there to get you started. 


Step 4: Click Save and you will be prompted to update your campaign properties 


How to Leverage the New Content Experience within Campaign Designer 


For each campaign starter kit, there will be corresponding content for each mailing step within the campaign.  

Click on the first message icon within the campaign canvas 

Feel free to update the message name as desired. 

And make sure to select Create New Message from the Send Message Options model.  

Click Create button 

This will launch the Campaign Message Designer experience. 

Next, you will be prompted to select your template. Select your template. 


Click Add Story  

Please note: The canned content experience is only accessible with the following layouts: 

  • Image with Text 
  • Text with Headline 
  • Text 
  • News Story with Button 
  • News Item 

After inserting the appropriate Story, you will be prompted to acknowledge the new content experience, which allows you to import in pre-canned content into your message.  

Click Got It and the pop-up will go away. Click Learn More to link to learn more about the companion landing pages that corresponds with each campaign starter kit. 

Click the new Import Content icon within the message editor and launch the Import Content experience 

Select a Campaign Type from the dialogue to expose the message options. 


  • Click each message and a preview of that message will display 
  • The message names also happen to be the suggested subject lines of your messages 

Click Insert to insert the content into your message or Close to close the Import Content experience.  

Once the content is inserted into your message, please make sure you review and update the highlighted areas within the content with relevant personalizations and/or links. 

If you are leveraging an AMS to power your campaign, please use your integrated personalization options when inserting personalization values.  

It is also worth noting that some of the content that can be inserted into your message, may include content prompts to get you thinking strategically about what you may want to include within your messaging. 

Campaign Tips: 

In many of our campaign starter kits, we suggest resending your messages to non-openers after the initial send. This resend message should contain a new engaging subject line with the same content of the first message. Use the Copy Campaign Message option to copy the messages you have already made within the campaign.