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Renewal Starter Kits


You've built your membership and engaged them along the way. Now, it's time to renew those members using a renewal campaign. Membership renewals are a critical component of your organization’s revenue and strategy. Taking an automated approach to renewals will help you reduce the number of hours that you spend managing these efforts, while improving prompt payments of your membership dues.

The renewal starter kits will help you engage, remind, and retain your members. These best practice campaigns will prove that fortune is in the following up and drive membership revenue on autopilot by leveraging automation. There are two best practice Renewal Starter Kits to choose from: Basic and Advanced.


It's time to re-evaluate your approach.

  • Use creative tactics to get noticed in today’s visual society
  • Showcase testimonials from your most enthusiastic members
  • Have each email come from a different person on the membership team
  • Make your messaging straightforward; clear call to action


Why should I care about my member retention rate?

Why spend time calculating your member retention rate? There are three main reasons, from our perspective.

  1. Better retention means better ROI from your initial recruitment effort. You’ve already done the hard job of convincing members to join. Why waste that effort by letting them slip away after one year? The more engaged they are, the more they may contribute and spend, time- and money-wise, with your association.

  2. Happier members means more members. Hopefully, if your members are sticking around, you can turn them into MVPs to advocate for your association to others, hitting your goal of member acquisition in the process.

  3. Your retention rate is a signal for your organization. Your member retention rate reveals how well you’re engaging and providing value for your members. If it’s at 100 percent, then keep doing what you’re doing! If it’s lower, you know you’ve got stuff to work on.

Basic vs Advanced


  The basic renewal starter kit starts 90 days prior to member renewals. This is the standard, best practice campaign.

 The advanced renewal starter kit starts 120 days prior to member renewals and includes targeting for active and inactive members.