Win Back Campaign Starter Kit Resource Center



While you should always cultivate relationships with potential new members, don’t undervalue the connections you already have with lapsed members. It’s true that some will never return — but others can be enticed, with the right messaging.  


Here you’ll find strategies and tactics to help create win-back campaigns that compel former members to return — and we’ll explore how other associations have already done that successfully. 


Motivate Lapsed Members to Return with 3  Easy Steps:  

Step 1:  Analyze Lapsed Member Experiences 

To create a solid foundation for your messaging strategy, begin with a clear understanding of what lapsed members have experienced. Look for answers to these questions:  

  • What happens after the lapsed grace period?  
  • What communications do they still get?  
  • What do they still have access to? (Note: If your lapsed members can still access most of your resources, it will be a tough sell to get them to pay membership dues again – what do they really gain with a paid membership?)

Step 2:  Target your audience
You might be tempted to use a one-size fits-all message that lumps all former members together. Don’t make that mistake. Instead, try segmenting your lapsed members by reasons for not renewing, membership type, length of time lapsed, and other demographic data. 

Step 3:  Create the campaign using the new Lapsed Member Renewal Starter Kits 
Choose between a recent lapsed member campaign, a 7-24 month lapsed campaign or both. Leverage the curated campaign workflows within the campaign starter kits within Informz. Within the creation process you will start thinking about your messaging strategy. Emphasize how you plan to make your member’s professional lives easier, and show them you have the tools to help navigate new developments in their field. 

Take your campaign efforts one step further and execute a test plan  


If you want to really find out what resonates with your members, test segments of lapsed members to see what types of content works best. This can include testing different subject lines, message copy, and friendly from and from address fields. After refining your approach, use those messages with the Lapsed Member Campaign Starter Kits to put together the final version of your lapsed member automated campaign. 


Additional Content Considerations:   

Here are 5 ways to write compelling content your lapsed members can’t ignore: 


  1. Focus on what matters to lapsed members 
  2. Let current members help you showcase what’s new 
  3. Include quick links to resources 
  4. Show you understand 
  5. Use personalization to ensure a personalized approach