Resources for New Admins

"Hi Huggers! We want you to have all the right resources when you need them, so we created this Higher Logic New Admin Resource Page. It covers everything from building communities, to how-to guides on editing your community site to moderating discussions. A one-stop-shop for all Connected Community level one technical questions. Our success is your success."  Kelsey Hession, Client Support Advisor

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I.  Communities
II.  Security Groups
III.  SNAP! Training: New Admin Training (0:37:32)  (Notes available here)


I. Overview - Web Editing 
II. Editing Navigation - Links, Layout and Access
III. Getting Started - Introduction to the CMS (1:05:03)
IV. SNAP! Training: User Controls (0:56:48)  (Notes available here)
V. Site Setup Pages
VI. Important Web Controls


I. Community Access Permissions
II. How to add a resource Library and Discussion to a Community  


I. SNAP! Training: Discussions (1:00:08)  (Notes available here)
II. Moderating and Deleting Posts
III. Discussion Settings and Permissions
IV. User-specific Links in Discussion Email


I. Library Entries
II. SNAP! Training: Resource Libraries (0:52:56)


I.  SNAP! Training: Demographics, Profiles and Directory (0:55:00)  (Notes available here)

I. Email Management Best Practices
II. Whitelisting Instructions
III. SNAP! Training: Managing Email Deliverability (0:41:26)