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Roy Snell


Roy Snell, CHC
Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
Chief Executive Officer
6500 Barrie Road, Suite 250
Minneapolis, MN 55435
Phone: +1 612 709 6012

Roy Snell is the CEO of the Society of Corporate Compliance
and Ethics (SCCE) and the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), which together now total more than 6,000 members.
Roy was a co-founder and the organization’s first President.
He has developed numerous partnerships with government, industry, and other professional associations, and he has facilitated collaboration between the compliance/ethics profession
and the enforcement community. Roy has a Masters degree in Health and Human Services Administration.

Through his work with the two associations, he has overseen the development of compliance and ethics books, manuals, videos, conferences and audio conferences. He has been a regular speaker in the compliance profession for more than 10 years and has spoken internationally
for the United Nations on compliance and ethics. He is a Certified Compliance and Ethics

Roy writes more than 25 compliance articles annually and has written for several international publications, including the European CEO and The European Business Review. Roy is the coeditor of the Health Care Compliance Professional’s Manual and serves as editor, co-editor
and advisory board member of several other books, magazines and newsletters. He has served as a source for many media reports, including national publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine and Business Week. He has been quoted in international publications such as Financial Times and Ethical Corporation.

Roy is a former Mayo Clinic administrator, consultant and Compliance Officer. He has participated in the development of compliance program guidance, professional certification programs and the Compliance Professionals Code of Ethics. He has dedicated more than 10 years to the compliance profession and to the development of compliance programs on an international basis., +1 612 709 6012.


St. Mary's College
Minnesota, United States
Health and Human Services Administration