Show Us Your HL Swag

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Signup Deadline: Dec 04, 2018
Starts: Dec 05, 2018
Ends: Dec 05, 2018
Location: Online Opportunity


Snap a picture of yourself, your pet, your kids, or anyone in Higher Logic swag and send it to because we want to see your swag in action! This can be swag you received at a networking event, visiting the office, Super Forum - wherever.

"BONUS" points if your swag is something that you received through the Champion program!

So get your cameras ready, put on your favorite filter, and strike a pose because we want to see that orange!

**Disclaimer: when submitting these photos, they may be used on Higher Logic's Instagram**

Volunteers Needed:

9999 (9997 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience




Lily Park