Web Controls

Most pages you see on HUG and on your Community sites are comprised of multiple unique content items called web controls (aka user controls). User controls are exclusive to Higher Logic software. Each user control tells the site what type of content to display on the page. For example, the Latest Discussions user control – ws:RecentDiscussions – displays the most recent Discussion posts that the logged-in user has access to. Each user control can be customized by adding various user control parameters.

The following table lists and demonstrates the current user controls and respective webservices available for the Higher Logic Connected Community software suite.

User Controls

Click on the user control name in the left column to view a live example of what the selected control does. Edit the parameters in the Standard Properties and User Control Parameters sections and watch the display change!

To apply a user control and parameters to a page on your Community site:
  1. Add a new content item to the page
  2. Give the content item a title, select the appropriate section and select the appropriate content visibility option
  3. Set the type of content to User Control
  4. Copy/paste the “User Control Name” from the Web Controls page on HUG to the “User Control class or path” field in the new content item on your Community site
  5. Copy/paste the parameters you’ve selected from the “Parameters to use for the above displayed user control” section on the Web Controls page on HUG to the “User Control Parameters” field in the new content item on your Community site
  6. Click Save

Webservices are used to display Higher Logic user controls and data on non-Higher Logic sites, such as your association’s main “www” site. Our webservices can be called directly from third party systems written in any programming language/environment.

Click on the “Web Service” link across from the User Control to view sample webservice requests and responses. The webservice URL is the URL for your Community site followed by /HigherLogic/[webservice name]. Using HUG as an example, the DirectoryWebServices would be http://hug.higherlogic.com/HigherLogic/DirectoryWebService.asmx

If you have any questions, please contact your Higher Logic Client Success Advisor (if you have not yet launched your Community site) or log a case via the HUG Support Portal (if you have already launched your Community site).