Driving Traffic

By Angelika Lipkin posted Feb 17, 2014 07:20 PM


Can your members find your community site from your main www site? From doing an initial audit of our clients’ main websites, we found that it was fairly difficult to gain access to the community from your main www site. If you haven’t already, we would encourage you to promote your community site on the homepage of your main www site.

Here, we’ll outline our top five ways that you can drive traffic to your community – right from your main website.

  1. Embed a link to your community site on the primary navigation of your main site! Check out ACRP as an example:

  2. Promote the community as a content item or banner on your homepage. See ACA International as an example:

  3. Hyperlink your Member Directory on your main site to the directory from your community like the Society for Neuroscience has done:

  4. Embed the Discussion Groups or Blogs from your community site to the homepage on your main site to pique non-members interest and remind members of the dynamic conversations that are occurring within the community site. Check out AANAC as an example. For support with this task and to learn more about web services, please submit a support ticket.

  5. Create a favicon for your community site and promote it alongside your public social networks on your main site. ASAE is a good example of this tip: