My Love/Hate Relationship with Flash

By Brett Wangman posted Dec 07, 2009 09:42 PM


This weekend, I was reminded of my love for and hate of Flash.

Our business partner, Higher Logic, produced a great looking Flash animation that shows the benefits of using an online community.  It is really well designed (see it at:, and more importantly, the progressive thinkers at Higher Logic made the animation, including the source file, available to all partners.  I love this idea of building and then sharing assets for everyone`s benefit.

Now, here`s my problem.  As we design and deploy new association sites, we are specifically staying away from using Flash.  My rationale is simple (if not, perhaps a little flawed); I don`t want to use Flash in a dominant area of any site since Flash does not play on iPhones.  And with the number of iPhone users growing at such a frantic clip, I don`t want to have a growing number of users unable to view a key part of one of our sites. 

So when will Apple fix this obvious (and only real) shortcoming of the iPhone? Only Steve Jobs knows that answer... and we all know how hard getting secrets out of him is.

So for now, I will continue to stay away from using Flash but always appreciate a well executed animation (by viewing it on my PC).


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