Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

By Cecilia Satovich posted Sep 15, 2014 11:47 AM


Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

Moolah. Benjamins.  Cabbage. Cheddar. Scratch. Dead presidents. Bread. Greenbacks. No matter how you say it, the meaning is still money; more importantly, non-dues revenue. Your association is neglecting an important area where non-dues revenue can be generated.  Your event app is a source of untapped potential of non-dues revenue for your association.

But I already have ads on my mobile event app!

If you are only offering ads, you’re leaving money on the table. There is more than just “ads on your event app” as a source of revenue. With the right event app, you can create sponsorship packages and generate even more revenue.  Does your current app have the ability to highlight sponsors? It should. With the right mobile event app it could. Highlighting a sponsor plus giving them rotating ad is one way to maximize exposure. 

Pro Tip: Companies sponsor your events to gain maximum exposure and get leads for their product and services. That’s all they care about.

 Yes! We have a program with ads and stars next to the sponsors. Isn’t that enough?

 No! Sponsors don’t believe that programs give adequate visibility. To understand why that is, take the “Program Challenge”:

 As you read this blog, go get a copy of your last event’s program.

  1. Thumb through it. Notice how you have to hold it with two hands?
  2. Time yourself - how easy it is to find the time the speaker you want to see is talking? Did you have to skim every page to find him?
  3. Find the best route to visit company X and company B on the showroom floor. Could you even figure out which company was which on your map?
  4. Put that program in your pocket. Ask yourself if you will carry that guide with you when you go to the evening entertainment, so you know how to answer “what does your schedule look like tomorrow?” when asked by a new acquaintance. 

As amazing as your program is, it does not travel with your attendees everywhere they go. They are not thumbing through it several times a day. This means they are not seeing the ads multiple times a day. Your sponsors are not getting the exposure they want and the exposure they deserve.

If event sponsors do not get the exposure or the leads they desire they will not return. Give them more than just a commercial. Give them brand recognition and exposure to your attendees. You can do that with the right event app.

OK, so how does an event app provide better visibility for sponsors?

Whether it be a smartphone or a tablet almost all of your attendees have a mobile device. They are looking at it (sometimes both) multiple times a day, and they use event apps. They are looking at the app to find out where they should be or what is coming up next. They are reading speaker bios. They are viewing company profiles of who is exhibiting, and with the right app, they are even making appointments with those exhibitors. 

Then they are putting all of that information back in their pocket.

That’s where apps go beyond printed programs - the app will notify them when their next “to do” is, or send a sponsored alert from the app to let them know they won the big contest. Attendees will pull out the device, look at your app, see the sponsors, and continue. They will do this multiple times a day before, during, and even after your event.

Every single time an attendee looks at the app, they see will something that connects to a sponsor.  Multiple views increase visibility of a sponsor to the nth degree – which increases the value of that sponsorship. Can you say the same about your printed program?

Sponsors know that event app visibility will bring them leads. They want sponsorship options, and only your association can provide them a targeted audience and high-quality leads. Give them options, and in return, you will see a steady revenue stream.

Is there a guideline for me to follow to increase non-dues generated revenue with my event app?

With the right app you can create the right sponsorship package that suits your association’s needs. There is no one right way to generate non-dues revenue but there are plenty ways to miss the opportunity to generate non-dues revenue. 

Do not leave money on the table. If you want to learn 5 easy tips on how you can maximize your revenue and monetize your mobile event app, contact us as Follow those 5 tips and your association will be singing “Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all”