6 Reasons to Download Your Event App

By posted Sep 09, 2014 10:38 AM


More and more companies are choosing to go mobile with event apps. For them, the benefits are endless: reduce expenses, implement events with ease, receive feedback, and so on.

So why should you, the attendee, take the time to download the app? We’ll give you our top six reasons:

1. You’re Staying in the Loop

Let’s face it; in the world of events, sudden changes are bound to happen. With a mobile app, we guarantee you will stay informed by receiving instant updates straight to your mobile device.

Hint: Download your event app prior to arriving in case of spotty WiFi. Your app works both online and offline.

Get Real-time Messages

Room change? Session starting an hour late? A simple “thanks for attending” message? Whatever the message, you’ll stay informed through real-time push notifications.

2. Your Voice is Being Heard

Picture this: two weeks after the big tech show you attended you receive a survey in the mail, asking to be filled out and returned. Do you complete it? Probably not.

Survey App

Complete Polls and Surveys

We make it easy for you to share your feedback. Express what you think about a specific session and see what other attendees are thinking by completing a quick and easy real-time poll. Better yet, provide your feedback regarding the overall event by completing a survey through your mobile device. The event organizer wants to know what you think, and now it’s easier than ever to give them just that.

3. You’ll Stay Organized

Conferences can be overwhelming. Between multiple sessions, numerous exhibitor booths, and trying to navigate through the conference hall, staying organized may be challenging. But we’ve got you covered.

Create Your Own Schedule

Bookmark a session you’d like to attend, an exhibitor booth you absolutely must visit, or your favorite speaker. We’ll compile your bookmarks into one easy-to-follow personal schedule.

Never Get Lost

Discover where you’re upcoming session is located, find the closest restaurant to your hotel, and even get driving directions without having to leave the app. Seriously, you will never get lost.

Conference Floorplan

Take Personal Notes

Let’s say you’re attending a session and have one of those “light bulb” moments. Simply take notes within the session module that you can refer back to once the conference has come to an end.

4. You’ll Stay Social

Social media isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re networking with other attendees or giving your favorite sponsor a shoutout, we’re sure your social networks will stay buzzing throughout the event.

Stay Social within the App

Here’s the best part: you can stay buzzing without jumping from one app to another. Post to Twitter or update your Facebook status right from your event app.

5. You’re Saving the Trees

Whether you care about the green movement or not, you’re taking part in it by downloading the app. Reducing the amount of printed material at events is one way to be eco-friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

Don’t worry, you’ll still have access to all of those important documents. Download a document to your device or email it to a colleague – bet you couldn’t do that with printed materials.

6. You’ll be Satisfied

We can guarantee you’ll be more engaged in the event by choosing to download the app. After all, attendee satisfaction is why companies prefer to go mobile. Happy apping!