2014 HUG Awards: Community of the Year & More

By Heather McNair posted Sep 29, 2014 01:27 PM


It’s been a stellar year of high performing member engagement, community site redesigns and innovation. Find out who won the Community of the Year award, Best Community Site Design, and Most Successful Launch. Click on their community or www sites for inspiration and ideas for your community.  All of the award winners are in HUG so drop them a note to congratulate them or use them as a sounding board as you work on engaging, re-designing, or launching your community.

Best WWW Site Design

National Business Officers Association worked with our partner, Personify Interactive, to come up with an attractive and effective site that combined their main site elements with their community elements. They heavily customized their navigation and added collaborative community elements to almost every interior page. Their site was also a recipient of an Interactive Media Award.

Community Site Design

North American Spine Society was one of the first clients to implement a custom design on our responsive (bootstrap) platform, with beautiful results including a masthead image that is also responsive.

Honorable Mention

Internet Society worked with our partner Personify Interactive to develop highly customized page layouts, including a home page that heavily emphasized a "news feed" aesthetic.

Break the Mold

Visiting Angels is using not only our core community functionality, but has adapted the community and standalone library functionality in unique ways to house training courses, policies, procedures and samples for several hundred franchisees around the nation and in Canada.

Best Launch (Two Winners)

American College of Surgeons launched in the beginning of August. They have 40k members subscribed to at least one community, and have had 2,200 messages in less than two months. Our recommended goal is 20 messages per month per thousand users; they have well exceeded that with an average of 32 posts/month per thousand users.


Association of Rehabilitation Nurses has been live since February. They have 5,000 subscribed members, who have posted 1400 messages in less than eight months, again averaging well above our benchmark with 36 posts/month per thousand users.

Community of the Year