7 Things We Can’t Stop Talking About from Super Forum 2018

By Heather McNair posted Nov 15, 2018 08:11 AM


Our 9th Annual Super Forum may be behind us now, but we’re still buzzing with excitement because your encouraging feedback keeps rolling in! We had a great time hosting the event and can’t wait to see you next year (save the date: November 17-20, 2019), but until then, join us as we revel in seven Super Forum happenings that we can’t stop talking about.

1. Topic Pods

Our Topic Pods were a big hit this year among attendees who got the chance to take advantage of them. If you had a quick question about nearly anything – engagement, strategy, implementations or integrations, Workspace, Real Magnet, Informz or Online Community platforms – all you had to do was drop in and Higher Logic subject matter experts were on-hand to assist you.

Check out some feedback from our HUG users on their experiences with Topic Pods this year:

  • “The Topic Pods is a terrific idea. Based on sessions you attend, you may have more questions and this is a terrific way to get them answered. Kind of like Open Office Hours. Great addition to the Super Forum.” -David Tchozewski, Discovery Education

  • “This is the best thing since sliced bread! After talking with @Jordan Rennert and @Raymond Alexander yesterday morning, I could have gone home right then and easily justified the trip! As a bonus, I have all the sessions and networking events to look forward to. Thank you Pod people!” -Ronna Papesh, University Risk Management & Insurance Association [We think “Pod people” is a nickname that’s going to stick.]

  • “The topic pods have been an amazing addition (we'll be stealing the idea for our forums too) - thanks to the folks at the Communities pod for their patient and incredibly helpful help throughout the forum. Totally justified the cost of attendance to solve several issues for our sites. Awesomeness.” -Karen Berry, Technical and Outreach Communities, AIAA


2. Keynote Livestreaming for Non-Attendees

Our keynote speakers Jackie Huba and Kim Lear delivered diverse, interesting, and incredibly informative presentations. They each definitely left us with something to talk about! The best part is that you didn’t have to be at the event to opt into the insight. We live streamed these presentations via HUG (and in all three of the Higher Logic offices) for any non-attendees who were interested.

In case you missed it, you can take a look at our key takeaways here and stay tuned for the presentation recordings to be available. Warning: The recordings don’t cover everything, mainly a few delightful incidents like that time a random bird flew around the stage during Kim’s speech and she barely missed a beat, like a champ.

After the event, our inboxes were filled with feedback from attendees who were thankful that they were able to take advantage of these awesome keynotes!

3. Product Updates (A new admin, anyone?)

At Super Forum we gave attendees a heads up that a new admin experience is coming their way! Four key new features are:

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Redesigned Navigation
  • On-Page Help
  • Redesigned User Interface

We’re really excited about it, and we think you will be too. Check out this thread to learn more about meeting your new admin experience.


4. Corporate Customer Networking

As you know, we love bringing people #alltogether, and not just associations. HUG community users of all types were connecting throughout the event and seizing the opportunity to plan customer and corporate-focused meetups.

Per their request, the new B2B and Beyond community was born! Check it out – this community is for all clients who are *not* associations and who want to share ideas among similar customers. The feedback so far?

  • “I'm so glad they did this! Super Forum has been amazing and I'm learning and meeting so many people, but so many of them are associations that just have different needs than we do in the B2B space. I love that we'll be able to swap stories now. This is great!” -Sydney Lawton, Pitney Bowes

  • I am so excited to connect with others using HL for business use cases outside of associations! Looking forward to learning more about the needs of this group and hoping others will share in our desire to have a real knowledge base infrastructure and workflow within HL.” -Brittney Wilson, HealthStream

5. Another Jam-Packed 45 Ideas in 45 Minutes

This session has been a classic favorite in years past, and we love sending our attendees home with actionable ideas and steps they can put into practice in their communities right away. Several attendees won swag via an engaging game of Bingo during this presentation and our presenters did a great job delivering 45 ideas in 45 minutes.

Which one was your favorite? Here’s some feedback thus far:

  • “This was a great conference! I really enjoyed the 45 ideas in 45 minutes session. One of the ideas I know my team is really interested in is adding CSS to show the number of new notifications next to the user's profile picture in the header. I searched through the HUG and couldn't find anything on this. I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to the right thread or share the snippet of CSS! Thanks!” -Mike Thompson
    • Follow this thread for the answer to this question and more. Have questions yourself? Add them here!

6. A Great Venue, an Orange Ferris Wheel, and a Party that Reached New Heights

This was our first year hosting Super Forum at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Maryland, and it was an incredible venue offering beautiful views of the Potomac River. Speaking of views…don’t get us wrong, the ballroom level of the convention center where Super Forum took place is great, but we are HIGHER Logic after all… so we took it to the 18th floor for our Customer Appreciation Party at the Pose Rooftop Lounge!

We loved showing our appreciation to our attendees who came from near and far in the best way that we know how (free food and drinks, music, and a photo booth, of course). It was great to connect and share this experience, especially from the outdoor deck where you could see The Capital Wheel lit up in Higher Logic orange! Yes, we went there.

Big shout out to those attendees who participated in our Exhibitor Engagement Game and won free tickets to take a ride on the Ferris wheel. We hope you enjoyed it!

Throughout the event, the photo booth was a hit and we loved seeing everyone let loose and get sent away with memorable keepsakes of the night. What was your favorite part of the evening? We hope you left feeling as appreciated as you truly are, and we thank you for sharing your time with us.

7. Content, Content, and More Content (70+ sessions)

So many sessions, so little time. With more than 70 breakout sessions to catch up on, you can now immerse yourself in our Super Forum 2018 breakout session presentations (available now in the Super Forum community).

What are you waiting for? Start listening to the sessions you missed! We’ll see you next year.