Tip for Members: Desktop Shortcut to Post Message page

By Kathleen Simpson posted Aug 05, 2010 03:20 PM


I just love Heather McNair's "Ongoing member education -- tips and how-tos in our newsletters" document folder. But I want to bring this gem to your attention:

"MGMA Member Community tip from another member

We’d like to thank Joe Laden, business manager, Anesthesia Associates of Louisville (Ky.) PSC, for this helpful hint: To make it easier to start a new discussion on your favorite MGMA Member Community eGroup, create a desktop shortcut to the “Post message” page. Go to the Post Message page and drag the gray “plus” sign next to the URL (shown in the image below) to your desktop.

The next time you want to pose a question to your colleagues, just click on the desktop icon. If you’ve selected the “Remember me” option at log-in (shown in the last issue of MGMA Inside Access), posting a >message will now be one click away."

(She includes a screenshot of the URL bar with a red circle around the icon. A image should definitely be included in user communications.)

How neat -- Thanks for sharing, Heather!




Aug 22, 2018 11:53 AM

This will be such a cool feature for our members that are used to a list serve.

Sep 07, 2010 06:31 PM

LOL. Wasn't expecting to see my name on the HUG home page! ;-) I'm glad you're finding the materials useful. I'd love to hear how any of them work out for you.