HUG Resources (Community Management Tips)

By Lauren A. Wolfe posted Feb 17, 2014 07:20 PM


10 Cool Community Management Tips

The success of your community depends on the vital role of a community manager. Whether you hire from within, outside your organization or outsource to an industry partner – your community manager is the living, breathing symbol of your community. So I'm sure you would agree, community managers deserve a day to celebrate their hard work. (And I would argue, it should be more than one day a year! Like this post if you agree.)

On Monday, January 27 we celebrated Community Manager Appreciation Day! In the spirit of celebrating community managers worldwide who are utilizing social networking software to build active and engaged communities, we put together a new crowd-sourced resource from our community that includes ten cool community management tips.

The tip sheet featured fresh ideas, real-world examples, and bonus tips that will amplify your impact. Designed to enhance user experience immediately, the tips are simple and quick – and can be implemented seamlessly to what you're already doing in your community.

Download your own copy of 10 Cool Community Management Tips and be sure to forward this resource to other community managers you know or work with. Do you have a community management tip you'd like to share? Leave me a comment so I can include as content in our next tip sheet!  

Save-the-date for Community Manager Appreciation Day next year - Monday, January 26, 2015.