Make Apps a Happy Habit For Your Members

By Lauren A. Wolfe posted Jun 20, 2014 11:49 AM


Have you used a mobile device today? Did you use an app? Research shows an estimated 1.2 billion people are checking their mobile devices roughly 150x per day.

Mobile devices have become an extension of our selves, and that’s helpful. We rely (and thrive) on this connectivity to improve our days, and to help us communicate in our careers and personal lives. It’s exciting to think how diverse the concept of “community” is, due in part to the success of mobile.

Now is a great time to ensure your organization is mobile, so you can keep your members interested, involved and coming back for more. Check out our new ten tips for ideas to increase community activity and engagement with mobile apps. I’ve included one of my favorites below, but make sure to download the full tip sheet.

6. Make Apps a Happy Habit for Your Membership

Members are busy and sometimes they need a friendly reminder to log in. that’s okay. Local push notifications are a good way to remind users to check in, if they haven’t used the app in a number of days.

Push notifications are the most effective way to battle app apathy. A push notification sends a short message to your users—from within the app, even when the app is closed— that provides relevant information and consequently reminds customers why they like your app in the first place. Set up and send push notifications, including things like text, video, pictures or external links, to nudge them back to your app.

Example: Community Announcements
. Did you just announce the date of your annual conference? Did a discount code for your bookstore become available? Members will want to know about these announcements when they happen
so they can take action.

How do you think your community could benefit from a mobile app?